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Welcome to Judd Stables



Mallory's victory pass at Harvest Days
photo by Shiflet

Katie on Tommy showcasing her riding skills
photo by Shiflet

     Judd Stables offers a lesson program that is based to your individual needs.  Riders from age five and up enjoy the personalized attention they receive from our lesson program. Lessons are private and are around 30 minutes in length. Lessons proceed at each rider’s pace and level of learning, based upon the collective desire of instructor and student to achieve each individual’s goal. We have well trained, kind, and safe lesson horses that can aid a timid rider into becoming a confident equestrian. Your program may be purely recreational or structured towards competition.  From local schooling shows to competing as an American Saddlebred owner on the national level, our lesson program can take you in any direction you choose to go. 

Price is $50 per lesson.

Proper Attire for lessons and all riders at home:
Kentucky Jodhpurs
Please no jeans or capris
Jods need to have tie downs, a.k.a. underpasses
Jods should be 3" to 4" longer than rider's inseam for adequate length when mounted.
Jodhpur Boots**, Paddock Boots or Work Boots
Leather** or Baseball gloves
Can buy practice gloves at Walmart in the Baseball section
     Proper attire not only improves your riding, but it also shows respect for the sport and pride in your appearance. We hope intermediate riders have the respect, pride and discipline to come prepared with the correct attire every time they ride.

Kentucky Jodhpur Pants

Jodhpur Boots

Practice/Show Gloves


2011 Academy Horse Shows

Information on the American Saddlebred and Saddle Seat

Proper Academy Show Attire

Kentucky Jodhpurs (darks colors such as black or navy), jodhpur boots, fitted button down long sleeved shirt with tie bar or button down collar, tie, vest and riding gloves.  Vest should be fitted and match appropriately with shirt and tie.  New outfit coordinating will be done with Maria before a horse show.

Shopping For Show Riding Clothes
Show pants should be navy or black, jodhpur boots should be black and gloves should be black.  Reminder: jods should be 3" to 4" longer than rider's inseam for adequate length when mounted.

When choosing jodhpur pants please consider the fabric from which the pant is made from.  The most popular fabrics that are used to make jods are: polyester, poly/wool blend, denim (cotton/poly), corduroy, and cotton/lycra blend.  Each fabric has its pros and drawbacks. 


Polyester is durable and lower priced but the fabric does not breathe, it does not stretch and is slippery on leather.  Poly/wool blend is a little more expensive than polyester but it is durable and breathes better but it does not stretch.  Denim is another fabric that is lower priced, stretches and breathes but you can not show in denim and it is not durable.  Corduroy is another option but since the fabric is thick it is to hot so it is not a smart choice for someone riding in Florida.  Last but not least is cotton/lycra blend.  It is durable, stretches, breathes and can be found in colors suitable to show in. 


Another option that is included when browsing for jods is the knee patches.  Self knee patches are on most poly and denim jods.  This option is fine but if you are someone who would like more grip in the saddle then you might want to consider ultra suede knee patches.  The ultra suede is less expensive and easier to care for than real suede.  If the pants you would like to purchase do not have the ultra suede knee patches included and you would like to have the ultra suede then separate patches may be purchased for an extra fee and sewn on. 

Please no low rise jods for showing.  They sit too low on waist to keep shirt tucked in and the back of vest does not cover waistband.  Low rise jods are fine for home.













Showing Accessories (please have your metal accessories match, gold tie bar with gold number pins, silver tie bar with silver number pins)

Bun Bows

Collar Bars

Number Holders

**For Academy Riders getting ready for the new show season**:
For your convience a complete check list of everything needed for showing from makeup down to your boots with recommendations included. The complete list below makes getting ready to show very easy.  For list please click below on Academy Show Check List.  If there are any questions please scroll to bottom of page to email Claire.

Academy Rider Show Checklist

Lesson Horses
Honey Brown
High Time's Bayruma
Mini "Cooper" (the barn's miniture horse)

Jayne on Chuckles with Christine Freeman on Tommy
working together as a pair

Stephanie and Chief taking a walk

Jake posing for the
camera with Christine T.

Stephanie on Chief and Lily on Dino
working together as a pair

Gypsy posing for the camera

Cooper at the Christmas Party