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Welcome to Judd Stables

News and Pictures of the Judd Stables Show String


January 15, 2011
Saturdays are usually big days at Judd Stables filled with friends, food, and festivities!  Today was no exception... everyone is gearing up for the 2011 show season and getting back into the swing of things after a break for the holidays. 
 Dr. Steve Gilman debuted with his new pleasure driving gelding "Carissimo" for the always supportive Judd Stables group as well as lots of other teams - experienced and new!  
A great morning was followed by a "Horse Show Meeting" at Hungry Harry's Barbeque - enjoying lunch and making plans for our 2011 Schooling Show.  We look forward to lots of great things to come!

December 15, 2010

The annual Judd Stables/Woods L.B. Christmas Party closed this year with a bang.  There where over 100 people who enjoyed food, desserts and fun.  Presentations were made introducing the new teams of Morgan King and Hillside Sensation for the Amateur 3 Gaited division, and Erin Sembler Eichenbaum's new 3 year old sensation Legacy's Cinemax.  And with a great surprise from husband Andrew - Jennifer Lawrence Katko was presented with the up and coming star Uncut Jewel.  Watch for Jennifer and "Jack" to debut in the Country Pleasure division this Spring!

Morgan King and "Pepper"

Erin & David with "Max"

The Katko Family and "Jack"

November 18, 2007

The final show of the year for Judd Stables was the UPHA National Championships held at The American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. Jackie De La Parte showed Keeper of the Stars in the Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor 15-17 Year Old class and was 1st in the competitive qualifier and was 3rd in the Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor championship beating the 14-17 Three Gaited World Champion of Champions both times. Christine Freeman showed Mo Rhythm in the Three Gaited Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure 15-17 Year Old class and had a good ride. Cheryl Sotrop showed Worthy’s American Society in the Five Gaited Ladies Gelding class and was 8th in the qualifier and received 8th in the very deep Ladies Five Gaited Championship. Maria Gilman showed Asked and Answered in UPHA Five Gaited Classic Grand Championship and had a good show. Morgan King showed her new Meadowlark Jubilee in Three Gaited Amateur Park and was 4th in the qualifier and was 7th out of 14 in the Championship. Maria Gilman showed Walterway’s Valedictorian in UPHA Three Gaited Classic Grand Championship and was 7th. Maria Gilman showed Hillcroft Rare Heir in the UPHA Park Pleasure Classic Grand Championship and was 6th out of 22. This show wraps up a great season for Judd Stables.

November 4, 2007

Harvest Days was the last horse show before the show year’s finale at the American Royal.  The barn left with 5 firsts, one second, and 1 third.

October 21, 2007

The Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show was an exciting show for Judd Stables.  Mrs. Woods’ showed Sweet Virginia in the Adult Show Pleasure classes and left the ring with the blue both times.  Maria had a busy week, she showed: Walterway’s Valedictorian in the UPHA 3 year old 3 gaited Classic and received 1st place, Walterway’s Church Me in the UPHA 3 year old 5 gaited Classic and received 5th place, Asked and Answered in the 3 year old 5 gaited stake and received 2nd place, Mo Rhythm for Christine Freeman in the Open Park Pleasure classes and received the blue ribbon both times, the Freeman’s new Park Pleasure prospect Hillcroft Rare Heir in the UPHA 3 year old Park Pleasure Classic and received 2nd place, and she also showed Jessica Anderson’s new 5 gaited horse Rosemont’s Penny Lane in the Novice 5 Gaited class and left the ring with the blue ribbon.  Don Judd showed Essence of Heaven in the Junior 5 gaited Stake and left the ring with 3rd place.  Jayne Major showed Amber Lager for Anitya Marlowe in the Juvenile 3 Gaited classes and received 2nd place and won the championship.  Lillian Young showed Holiday Brew in the Pleasure Pony Classes and left the ring with 3rd place and won the championship.  Trisha Long showed Sun Times Commander in the Ladies 5 Gaited class and a good ride and then was 7th in the 5 Gaited Amateur Championship.  Morgan King debuted with her new Park horse Meadowlark Jubilee in the Juvenile Park classes and was undefeated.  Betty Valenti showed Smoke Gets in Your Eyes in the Amateur 3 gaited classes and received 3rd place both times.  Congratulations to all.

Mo Rhythm and Maria Gilman
photo by Shiflet

Amber Lager and Jayne Major
photo by Shiflet

October 20, 2007

Congratulations to Morgan King on the purchase of the Park mare Meadowlark Jubilee, to the Freeman family on the purchase of the 3 year old gelding Park Pleasure prospect Hillcroft Rare Heir and to Jessica Anderson on the purchase of the 5 Gaited mare Rosemont's Penny Lane.   

Hillcroft Rare Heir with Maria Gilman
photo by Shiflet

Morgan King and Meadowlark Jubilee
photo by Shiflet

Rosemont's Penny Lane and Maria Gilman
photo by Shiflet

October 1, 2007

Southeastern Charity Horse Show in Conyers, GA is a favorite of Judd Stables.  During the week young horses earned some ring experience and old pros showed up for new friends.  The sting left with 11 blues, 3 reserves, 5 thirds, 1 fourth, 3 fifths and 1 eighth.  Congratulations to all!

Morgan King and WC Pagan Prince
photo by Shiflet

September 1, 2007
Judd Stables wishes to welcome newcomer Morgan King and family.  The King family resides in Brandenton, Florida.  They own the equitation horse Wizard's Icon.

August 26, 2007

Judd Stables had a triumphant show at the World Championships.  It was the first time showing at Louisville for two of Judd Stables riders, Jenna Palmeri and Christine Freeman.  Both had impressive first time outs.  It may have been Jenna’s first time at Louisville but it defiantly was not Discover’s.  This team left the show World Champions with the 13 and Under Show Pleasure Division II title topping multiple past world champions.  Christine Freeman and Mo Rhythm made their debut at the World’s an impressive one.  They were 3rd in the 14-17 Show Pleasure Division II qualifier and placed a very exciting 4th in the 14-17 Show Pleasure World’s Championship, placing over the horse that won her qualifier and Lexington’s 15-17 Grand Champion, to name a few.  Jackie De La Parte and Keeper of the Stars had a beautiful show in the 15 year old Equitation class leaving the ring with 4th place over Lexington’s Senior Pleasure Equitation Grand Champion along with many other talented riders.  The next night Jackie and Keeper showed in the Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited 14-17 Division II qualifier and went home with the World Champion Title.  Stephanie Lockyer and CH My Special Sultan had a good show in the 14-17 Show Pleasure class.  Maria had a busy week showing Walterway’s Church Me and Essence of Heaven for Barbara Woods and Amber Lager for Anitya Marlowe.  Walterway’s Church Me was shown in the ASHA National 3-Year-Old Five-Gaited Futurity and earned a notable 8th place ribbon.  Maria guided the elegant Amber Lager to 4th place behind 3 world champions in the Ladies over 15.2 Three Gaited class.  Essence of Heaven earned 7th place in the Ladies Five Gaited Mare class.  Congratulations to all the exhibitors and trainers at this year’s Worlds Championship Horse Show.

This was Jenna's first trip to Freedom Hall.
photo by Saddle Horse Report

photo by The National Horseman

photo by Saddle Horse Report

What the National Horseman Online had to say about our two new world champions:


Division Two of Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Pleasure 13-and-Under sported 17 entries. CH Discover, long a gaited horse for Barbara Woods before making the transition to Junior Exhibitor Park and eventually Pleasure for young Jenna Palmeri, proved that he has still got it all. In an extremely tough split, CH Discover raised up and got bigger and bolder with every pass.


And perhaps the most memorable moment of an evening filled with surprises and outstanding performances was Keeper of the Stars show in the second division. So many riders entertained us so well in this best horse show session to date in 2007. Yet 15-year-old Jacquelyn De La Parte stood on her own, making a show that told us what were about. It was the overall picture that did it. Keeper of the Stars is tall and long-necked, with a big wide open trot and a way of moving that is all airily flowing grace. Jackie is petite. Yet she suits the big horse perfectly. She has a smile that can only be genuine. When a pretty girl like her rides a beautiful horse that never backs an ear, they’re telling you they’re in horse show heaven. Jackie’s ride on Keeper of the Stars compared with Betsy Thomas go on New York’s Perfect Gift the night before, and for that matter with Kim Cowart's on Tonto tonight. Each rider told you without saying a word why they got into this business. They love it because it gives them the happiest moments of their lives.

photo by Saddle Horse Report

What Saddle Horse Report Online had to say:


The longtime five-gaited mount of Barbara Woods and then a Park horse, CH Discover has found another division in which to succeed. Don Judd and Maria Gilman joined rider Jenna Palmeri in the winner’s circle.


Keeper Of The Stars and Jackie De la Parte have the look - with his swanlike neck and chiseled head and her beauty - they represented the division well.  Tonight they were on the money as they made pass after pass to win their first World’s Champion title together for the Judd Stables banner.

July 28, 2007

Its mid summer and that means Judd Stables headed to Asheville, NC for the Blue Ridge Classic Horse Show.  The string left the Smoky Mountains with 2 wins, 8 seconds, and the remaining 8 ribbons where thirds, fourths and fifths.

June 2, 2007

Chattanooga/Cleveland Charity Horse Show was another successful show.  Judd Stables left Tennessee with 12 firsts, 7 seconds and the remaining 5 ribbons where thirds, fourths and fifths.


Bob Bishop, Barbara Woods and Cheryl Sotrop
photo by Sandra Hall

April 21, 2007

With the show season in full swing Judd Stables headed to J.D. Massey in Clemson, SC.  They left South Carolina with 3 firsts, 7 seconds and the remaining 7 ribbons went up to fifth.  It was another fun show for the group.

Maria Gilman and Jessica Anderson
photo by Saddlebred Web

J.D. Massey Results

April 4, 2007


The first away show of the season for Judd Stables was the Pro - Am Benefit Horse Show located in Perry, GA at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.  Around 10 horses from Judd Stables' show string traveled to GA.  Judd Stables left with win 9 wins, 5 reserves and 7 thirds and fourths.  Congratulations to all.

Stephanie Lockyer and CH The Denali at Pro-Am
photo by Saddlebred Web

Pro - Am Results

March 11, 2007
Judd Stables's 2007 show season had a great start with Gasparilla and Tampa Charity as the first two shows of the season.  With both shows combined there were 30 blues, 11 reserves and under 10 third and fourths.  Congratulations to all!

Gasparilla Show Results

February 28, 2007
Congratulations to Cheryl Sotrop on the purchase of Worthy's American Society. 

January 27, 2007
The annual Judd Stables horse show was held on a beautiful clear Saturday.  Many local barns participated and every class had multiple entries.  The judging duties were taken over by Joy Rodak of Ocala, FL and Leigh Anne Rogers of Palmetto, FL was the photographer.  Thank you to the show committee for a great 2007 Judd Stables Horse Show.

December 16, 2006
Over 100 people attended Judd Stables' annual Christmas/Year end party.  We enjoyed great food thanks to Hungry Harry's, homemade desserts, and lots of fun. 

December 2, 2006

Congratulations to Betty Valenti on her purchase of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

November 14-18, 2006

At the UPHA National Championships held at The American Royal in Kansas City, Mo, Judd Stables had a very successful week. Barbara Woods and CH Sweet Virginia were awarded the title of National Adult Pleasure Champions. Jackie DeLaParte and Keeper of the Stars were reserve 14 and under 3 gaited champion and champion in the age group for the 14-15 year olds in the equitation divison. Anitya Marlowe and Amber Lager had two great shows earning 6th in two large entry classes. The new team of Jessica Anderson and Callaway's Royal Mark made two good rides in the Ladies Five Gaited Division. This show marks a good end for a good season.

September, 2006

Judd Stables welcomes newcomer Stephanie Lockyer and family. They reside in St. Simon's Island and moved from Delton Farms. They own My Special Sultan and Princess Periafter.

Barbara Woods on WC Sweet Virginia
photo by Shiflet

Worthy's American Society and Don Judd
owned by Cheryl Sotrop photo by Howie Schatzberg

Chrstine Thomas and Magic Mahogany
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Essence of Heaven and Don Judd
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Christine Freeman and Mo Rhythm
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Trisha Long and Sun Times Commander
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Betty Valenti and Delay of Game TS
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Jessica Anderson and WCC The Denali
photo by Sandra Hall

Stephanie Lockyer and WC CH My Special Sultan
photo by Sandra Hall

Honey Brown and Jayne Major
photo by Shiflet

The Indian Princess and Maria Gilman
photo by Sandra Hall

Holiday Brew and Jayne Major
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Anitya Marlowe and RWC Amber Lager
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Jackie DeLaParte and WC Keeper of the Stars
photo by Jane Jacobs

Jenna Palmeri and WC CH Discover
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Jessica Anderson and Callaway's Royal Mark
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Lillian Young and Holiday Brew
photo by Sandra Hall

Betty Valenti and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Jayne Major catch ridng at Pro - Am
photo by Shiflet

Detached and Maria Gilman
photo by Howie Schatzberg

Walterway's Valedictorian and Maria Gilman
photo by Sandra Hall

Walterway's Church Me and Maria Gilman
photo by Sandra Hall

Delay of Game TS and Jayne Major
photo by Sandra Hall

Maria Gilman and Asked and Answered
photo by Shiflet