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How To Iron A Tie

Things you’ll need:



Ironing Board


Clean Plain White Tee Shirt (or something similar, the cover cloth keeps your tie from scorching, sticking, discoloring or getting shiny)


Tip: Avoid spot-cleaning your tie just before ironing. Any damp spots will become permanent stains if you iron them.




       Check tags on tie for information about fabric type.


       Plug in iron and set temperature dial accordingly. Many ties are made of silk or polyester blends and will need a cool setting. Wool ties need a medium setting and cottons can take a fairly high temperature.


       Place tie lengthwise on ironing board, with back of tie facing up.
Place a cotton cloth flat over area to be ironed and carefully iron your tie.


       Iron bottom to top, in small portions from the edges inward, to avoid creasing.


       Lift cover cloth periodically to check progress.


       Turn tie face up; replace cotton cloth and iron, taking care not to leave the iron in any one spot for too long.


       Hang tie immediately so that it cools without wrinkling.

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