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Information on the American Saddlebred and Saddle Seat:


Learn to Ride and Drive in Style - Free Lesson - Reference on the American Saddlebred (history, conformation, new comers guide, and much more)

The American Saddlebred in the show ring - explaination of divisions for the American Saddlebred

American Saddlebred Gaits - What makes the American Saddlebred special

What is Saddle Seat? - explaination and history of orientation

What will I see at a horse show? - more in depth explaintion of the divisons for the American Saddlebred

Saddleseat - all about Saddle Seat Equitation (another website by Claire!)

Articles (Word Documents):

More on what you will see at a horse show

What is Saddle Seat Equitation?

Other links: - The Saddlebred Information Source

Howard Schatzberg Photography

Doug Shiflet Photography


United States Equestrian Federation

United Professional Horseman's Association

Bluegrass Horseman

The National Horseman

Saddlehorse Report

American Saddle Horse Association

Show Ring Times

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Prestige Travel Vacations